Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma and It’s Home Remedies

Asthma is the most troublesome allergic condition of the respiratory diseases. Doctors estimate that upto 30 percent of the children and around 15 percent of the adults have asthma. In Greek, Asthma means “panting” or “to breathe hard”. Asthma is a chronic condition involving respiratory system in which tiny airways in the lungs get swollen and inflamed thereby constricting the airways which makes breathing difficult. Tobacco smoke, cold or warm air, perfumes, moist air, dust, exercise or exertion are some common causes which triggers Asthma. Patients suffering from Asthma usually have difficulty in breathing air out than breathing it in.

Asthma attacks can be mild or life threatening. Patients suffering from Asthma should regularly have themselves examined from a physician. But when the attack is mild or not severe such patients can try the home remedies mentioned below.

Honey – The Most Common Home Remedy for Asthma

A patient who has suffered an Asthma attack should be given a jar containing honey to inhale the air that comes out of the jar. By doing so the patients finds relief and starts inhaling deeper and more easily. Also he should take daily, two teaspoons of honey either with milk or with water. This will help in thinning of the mucous and thereby its removal through the respiratory passages.



Valuable Fruits for Asthma

Figs, lemon, and Indian gooseberry are found to be the most valuable fruits for Asthma. Clean three to fours dry figs with warm water. Soak it overnight. Have these figs along with water, first thing in the morning for at least two months. Another home remedy is to have juice of one lemon mixed in water before meals. Also you can have every morning five grams of gooseberry mixed with honey.


Garlic – Effective Home Remedy for Asthma

An excellent home remedy for early stages of asthma is to boil ten cloves of garlic in one-fourth cup of milk. This mixture should be taken once daily by the Asthma patient.


Sip a Cup of Coffee to Stop Asthma Attack

If you feel that you are going to have an Asthma attack quickly drink a hot cup of coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which is the most commonly used drug in curing Asthma. Drinking coffee will quickly cause the blocked airways to relax thereby making it easier for you to breathe.


Copper for Asthma Prevention

One of the preventive measures to stop Asthma attack is to drink water kept overnight in a copper vessel. It is believed that by doing so one can keep all the respiratory diseases away.


Mustard Oil as a Home Remedy in Asthma Attack

If one has suffered an Asthma attack, gently massage mustard oil mixed with camphor over the back of the chest. This will give relief to the patient and ease breathing.




Apart from the home remedies mentioned above following care should also be taken. Check air pollution. Do not smoke or allow others to smoke in house. Regularly clean your air filters. Avoid eating preserved meat as this may trigger asthma attacks in some people. Heartburns may also lead to an asthma attack. So eat smaller meals at frequent breaks instead of one large meal. During winter wear a scarf around your nose and mouth when going outdoors. Do not stress yourself. Patients suffering from Asthma should try to relax more often than other people. Finally maintain a file for your Asthma records. Start recording the conditions, state of mind, your diet, etc that you were doing before you suffered an Asthma attack. The more information you record, better it is for you to diagnose the problem for your Asthma attack.

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