Burn Remedy

Burn Remedy

Got scalded by some hot oil? Did you hold a very hot pan by mistake? Or did you carelessly run that iron over your fingers rather than over that tattered pair of denims? Well, burns are pretty horrid creatures, especially if you end up with a number of painful blisters.

However, that does not mean that you cannot prevent those burn blisters from emerging on your once-upon-a-time baby soft skin. Look around and you will definitely find your self face-to-face with a burn remedy that has been proven to work many a time. Just ask your mom, and you will find at least one burn remedy that she swears by. If you want a few more suggestions before you decide on the ideal burn remedy for you, you have reached the right place! Let’s go get some treatment for your burn.

Burn Remedy: Cold Water


Cold Water – Burn Remedy


The immediate tendency of someone who has been burnt is to immerse the burnt area in cold water. The old “fire versus water” story. However, keep it immersed for some time (say about fifteen minutes) and you will feel relieved. Some antiseptic cream and a bandage, and your basic first aid for your burn will have been taken care of.

It is a good idea to place a wet cloth over the burn for a couple of hours. Alternatively, use frequent cold water compresses. The water content goes a long way in easing the burn.

However, be careful if you are using ice. In trying to get rid of a boiling water burn, you wouldn’t want to land up with ice burns would you?


Burn Remedy: Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera – Burn Remedy


The burn remedy that my Grandma swears by is aloe vera. She even has an aloe vera plant at home, which she tends to herself, and it is her sure-fire burn remedy for whenever anyone gets burnt. All she does is extract some gel from the leaves of the aloe vera plant and apply it on the burn. It cools down the area, prevents blisters, and helps the area to heal quicker.

Burn Remedy: Potatoes


Potatoes – Burn Remedy


If you thought potatoes were only good for super-fattening fries, think again. Raw potatoes are superb when used as a burn remedy. Rub a raw potato over your burn, but make sure you get a juicy piece of potato. Merely a potato slice would not be much help, for it would soon lose the moisture. Try the potato burn remedy soon after the burn. The longer you take to apply it, the lesser will be the effect.

Burn Remedy: Others

One common burn remedy that people use after a burn is that of applying toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste, does not merely protect us from cavities and bleeding gums. It helps cool burnt skin and prevents blisters as well.

If you have a sweet tooth, here’s a great burn remedy for you. Honey has often been cited as a pretty good burn remedy. It relieves the wound and also leads to faster healing. The only thing you then have to worry about is the ant colony getting ready to attack your honey-smeared skin.


Honey – Burn Remedy




Vitamin E oil is also commonly used as a burn remedy. You could also use lavender oil if that is more easily available in your home.

In case you end up with a blister, do use an antibiotic. There is no need to invite infections if you can help it. And never ever pick at your blister.

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