Congestion Remedies

Congestion Remedies

Annihilate Nasal Congestion With Congestion Remedies

Nasal congestion is a major pain. You cannot talk properly. Your “N”s turn into “D”s. Your snore sounds like a horse’s grunt. And you generally feel miserable and wish for some surefire congestion remedies. Well, you have reached the right page for here are congestion remedies at your beck and call.


Congestion Remedies: Garlic


Garlic – Conjestion Remedies


Garlic is a great thing to use in all kinds of congestion remedies. Garlic tea is one of the many congestion remedies that I have found to be pretty effective when it comes to dealing with nasal congestion. Add a few cloves of garlic to the tea and watch the almost immediate relief on the face of the sufferer.


Congestion Remedies: Apple Cider Vinegar

Among the most popular congestion remedies is that of apple cider vinegar. Heat a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water and inhale the fumes that emerge for instant relief.


Congestion Remedies: Honey


Honey – Congestion Remedies


Honey is also quite popular among congestion remedies. A little bit of honey in some hot water can really clear up a nose like nothing else can. Try it out the next time that nasal passage gets congested.




Congestion Remedies: Steam Treatment

Nothing chases away a bad case of congestion better than some good ol’ steam treatment. No matter how skeptical you may be about getting treatments off the net, this is one of the oldest congestion remedies going. You certainly cannot disagree with this one. Simply place some steaming hot water in a large vessel, and let the steam envelope your face. Alternatively, place steaming hot towels on your face, and wet them in the hot water as they get cooled. Watch your congestion disappear with this, the oldest of congestion remedies.


Congestion Remedies: Diet

While we are on the topic of congestion remedies, let us remind ourselves the importance of eating right. This becomes even more important when you are sick. So stay away from the dehydrating influences of alcohol and caffeine. And stop smoking at least till your congestion goes away. Avoid eating or drinking mucus-building dairy products. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C (citrus fruit, for example), and increase your fluid intake. Try the time-tested chicken soup to make your soul and body feel better.

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