Coronary Heart Disease Remedy

Coronary Heart Disease

Heart is one of the most important organs of human body. It helps in purification of the blood. Impure blood is pumped in by the heart, is then purified and pumped out to the other parts of the body. When coronary arteries do not supply sufficient blood to the heart a condition known as the coronary heart disease arises. Common coronary heart diseases are angina pectoris, coronary thrombosis or heart attack, and sudden death without infarction.

Symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease
1) Shortness of breath
2) Chest pain or pain in underarms
3) Other symptoms such as fainting, cold hands and feet, frequent perspiration, fatigue, etc.


Grapes – A Beneficial Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

A person suffering from coronary heart disease should include large amounts of fresh fruits in his daily diet. Especially grapes! Grapes are very effective in heart pain. The coronary heart disease can be rapidly controlled if the patient is given an exclusive diet of grapes for three to four days. Person who has suffered a heart attack should have grape juice which can be very valuable in such a condition.


Apples for Weak Heart

Apples have heart-stimulating properties. Patients suffering from a weak heart will benefit greatly by making liberal use of this fruit. Eating apple jam is also helpful.


Indian Gooseberry – An Effective Home Remedy for Coronary Heart Disease

Indian gooseberry is considered an effective home remedy for coronary heart disease. Daily one medium-sized Indian gooseberry should be eaten with a little salt. Dry pieces of Indian gooseberry can also be chewed daily.


Onion Juice for Coronary Heart Disease

Onions normalize the percentage of blood cholesterol. One suffering from coronary heart disease should take one teaspoon of raw onion juice first thing in the morning.


Honey – An Effective Home Remedy for Cardiac Pain

Honey prevents all sorts of coronary heart disease. It improves blood circulation and is effective in cardiac pain. One teaspoon daily after food is sufficient to prevent all sorts of heart troubles.




Asparagus – A Home Remedy for Enlarged Heart 

Freshly extracted Asparagus vegetable juice and honey is to be mixed in the ratio of 2 : 1 and a mixture is to be prepared. This mixture is to be given to patients with weak and enlarged heart.


Juice of Fresh Alfalfa Leaves with Carrot Good for Heart

The juice of fresh alfalfa leaves is very helpful for most troubles related to the arteries and coronary heart disease. It is not possible to drink only alfalfa juice. The juice of alfalfa leaves have to be taken with carrot juice in equal quantity of 125 ml each. It has to be taken twice daily.


Benefits of Safflower Oil for Coronary Heart Disease

Safflower oil has proved beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol. Hence it can be used liberally with persons suffering from cardiovascular disorders.


Role of Vitamins in Improving Heart Function 

Vitamin E improves oxygenation of the cells and thereby promotes heart function. It also improves blood circulation and gives muscle the required strength. The patients suffering from coronary heart disease should therefore have food rich in vitamin E. Green vegetables are known to be good sources of vitamin E.

Vitamin C is also essential as it protects against spontaneous breaches in capillary walls which can lead to heart attacks. Add sugar to 15 grams of lemon juice and drink it. This will normalize the heart rate. Women suffering from high heart rate due to hysteria can also mix juice of two lemons in water and drink it to find relief.

Apart from the home remedies mentioned above, the patient suffering from heart disease should also take care of his health by doing moderate exercise, having proper diet and sleeping adequately. Foods which are to be largely eliminated from the diet are sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, tobacco, alcohol, butter and fatty meats.

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