Dry Skin Remedies

Dry Skin Remedies

My sister is plagued with dry skin throughout the ear, and the problem just becomes worse every winter. She buys tons of moisturizers, only to finish them in a jiffy. If you (a) are trying to reduce your expenditure on moisturizers, or (b) are looking for natural dry skin remedies, or (c) are just curious about finding some new dry skin remedies, read on!


Dry Skin Remedies: Washing

If your skin is extremely dry, you could consider avoiding tap water, and washing your face with mineral water instead. Also, avoid wiping your face with a cloth of a rough texture. Try using either a soft cloth or tissues. Also, make sure you avoid hot water, for it can be very drying.

Remember, the most important of the dry skin remedies is making sure that you do not lose more of the natural oils than you can help. After all, if you are constantly exposed to the sun and the wind, you will end up losing much of these natural oils. So, avoid washing with soap. Use products that are non-detergent and which have a neutral pH level to wash your face. For instance, oatmeal is often used as a natural substitute for soap.


Oatmeal – Dry Skin Remedies


Dry Skin Remedies: Moisturizing

If you have been cursed with dry skin, you will have to form a long-term friendship with the moisturizers of the world. Try using baby oil to get baby smooth skin. Use oil-based moisturizers and avoid alcohol-based ones.




Remember how the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was often shown bathing in milk? Well, if you are looking for great dry skin remedies, milk will be one of the winners. Add some milk to your bath once a week and soak in it. You will see a significant difference in the suppleness of your skin. Milk works wonders even on dry chapped lips.

A paste of honey, egg yolk and milk applied as a mask for about fifteen minutes is one of the most popular dry skin remedies that I have come across.


Egg Yolk – Dry Skin Remedies


And if you love pottering around in the kitchen, try applying a mayonnaise mask. Wash it off to reveal beautiful skin.

I have also found that applying a mashed banana mask for about fifteen minutes and then washing it off leads to soft and supple skin. This is one of my favorite dry skin remedies.


Dry Skin Remedies: Diet and Prevention

Drink more water to maintain the moisture levels in your skin. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables, and increase your intake of vegetable proteins. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these work as diuretics, causing the skin to lose moisture.

If you are a smoker looking for terrific dry skin remedies, try reducing your smoking. Smoking dries the skin by depriving it of nutrients and oxygen.

Also, never go out into the sun without smearing yourself with oodles of sunscreen lotion.

Ensure that you sleep well and get sufficient exercise. The former allows the skin to repair itself, while the latter boosts blood circulation.

Follow these recommendations, if you want the best dry skin remedies to work wonders for you. And once they do work their wonders, watch the compliments start pouring in.

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