Tuberculosis Home Remedies

Home Remedy for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a serious disease and needs a definite attention. A tiny germ called tubercle bacillus is responsible for causing tuberculosis. This tiny germ attacks the lungs by entering one’s body through the nose, mouth or the windpipe. Here they multiply and cause pulmonary tuberculosis of the lungs which is the most common type of tuberculosis found in the most parts of the world. Person suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis loses strength. Also variation in skin color and loss of weight may occur. In some cases symptoms like rise in temperature, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, etc are also seen.

Lowered resistance is the chief cause of this disease. So a person suffering from tuberculosis has to increase his/her resistance power. He/she should take proper and adequate food, live in ventilated houses, avoid exposure to cold and impure air, thus preventing growth of germs.


Milk Diet Beneficial in Tuberculosis Treatment

Calcium is the best curative agent for treating tuberculosis. The person suffering from tuberculosis should have excessive intake of calcium rich food or substances. Milk is the richest source of calcium and should be liberally given to the person suffering from tuberculosis. I have read in books, that the person suffering from tuberculosis should have a glass of milk every half an hour. That means approximately 6 litres of milk per day. This may sound difficult. But it is a must. Start with a glass of milk every two hours and then gradually increase your milk intake. Raw milk produces the best results. This diet should be continued for around 8-10 weeks.




Valuable Fruits as Remedies for Tuberculosis

Custard apple or sitaphal, as known in India, is one of the most valuable fruit that can be used as a home remedy for tuberculosis. Two custard apples and few seedless raisins are boiled together on slow flame till the water becomes 1/3 of its original volume. This mixture is then filtered. Powdered sugar and some other condiments are then added to this mixture.

Indian gooseberry and pineapple juice is also beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis. Every morning the patient should take a mixture of Indian gooseberry, fresh amla and honey.

Patients suffering from tuberculosis should also eat bananas and oranges. A glass of orange juice mixed with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of honey should be daily taken by the patients suffering from tuberculosis.


Juice of Drumstick Leaves for Tuberculosis Treatment

Drumstick leaves should be heated and then boiled for 5 minutes in 200 ml of water. This mixture should then be allowed to cool. After cooling add salt, pepper and lime juice. Patients suffering from tuberculosis should drink this mixture every morning.


Bottle Gourd and Mint Effective in Treating Tuberculosis

Bottle gourd vegetable is considered to be the most effective vegetable for tuberculosis patient. Also fresh juice of mint has been found useful in treating patients suffering from tuberculosis.


Other Measures

In addition to the home remedies mentioned above the patient should avoid white bread, white sugar, preserved foods, strong tea, coffee, pickles etc. He should take ample quantity for rest and avoid stress. The patient should sit or sleep in well ventilated rooms. Also to kill the tubercle bacilli, the patient should expose himself to sun rays.

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