Urinary Tract Infection Remedy

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

When any part of the urinary tract is affected by bacterial infection, it is termed in medical science as urinary tract infection. Urine contains many salts and fluids. But it does not contain bacteria. The moment a bacteria enters the organs such as kidney or bladder it multiplies and then causes urinary tract infection. Bladder infection (cystitis) and kidney infection (pyelonephritis) are the most common urinary tract infections. The latter has to be dealt seriously. Mentioned below are some home remedies or home treatments for such urinary tract infections.


Urinary Tract Infection Treatment: Burning Sensation While Passing Urine

The first treatment which I will be explaining to you for this type of urinary tract infection is very simple. Infact all treatments mentioned here are very simple and can be followed easily and regularly at home. Dip a piece of cloth in cold water. Squeeze it and place it at the lower stomach (just below the point where umbilical cord is attached in a new born baby). Rest for a while. Do this program daily and you will find relief.

The second treatment is to have a mixture of milk and water daily in the morning. What you can do is mix milk and water in equal quantities. Add 2 spoons of sugar to it and drink it every morning. Avoid drinking tea. In the afternoon have a glass of cold lemon juice. Take cold water, squeeze lemon into it, add 2 spoons of water and drink it.

The third treatment for urinary tract infection such as burning sensation while passing urine is to have a glass of rose water. Take a glass of water. Put 1 or 2 rose petals in the water and keep overnight. In the morning, just crush the petals and filter the mixture. Add powder of medicinal sugar (stone type) to it. Do this for one week.

The fourth treatment is to have a medium size onion. Chop it into fine pieces. Add chopped onion to 25 grams of water and boil the solution till it becomes half. Drink this solution for two days. You will definitely have relief.


Urinary Tract Infection Treatment: Frequent Urination

Polyuria is a condition in which one urinates frequently. People suffering from polyuria pass large volumes of urine, i.e., at least 2.5 L over 24 hour period. If you are the one suffering from such a condition, try the home remedy mention here. Buy pomegranates. Peal off the skin and let it dry. Crush it to make fine powder of the skin. Have this powder two times a day.

The home remedies or treatment, mentioned here for urinary tract infection were read by me in various newspapers. I tried the first home remedy – putting a wet cloth on the stomach – which gave me instant relief. So I thought of sharing it with everyone. The effect of the treatments mentioned above may also vary from person to person. So why not give a try. But be your own judge. If you find no relief from these remedies immediately consult your doctor.

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