Warts Removal Remedy

Home Remedy for Warts

Warts are referred to as hard growths or superficial growths on the skin. Warts are of different shapes and sizes. Warts are common both in children and adults. Warts are usually harmful. But they are capable of spreading. Most warts will disappear on their own, but may take months or even years before they disappear.

The main cause of warts is a virus infection. Virus keeps itself nice and cozy beneath the skin that gives rise to warts. Warts are usually not painful but when formed on the feet and fingers are very painful and uncomfortable to the sufferer while walking. Such types of warts have been named as plantar warts. In the following paragraphs I will tell you some home remedies which will speed up healing of warts.


Castor Oil a Useful Home Remedy for Wart Treatment

Castor oil should be applied generously over the affected area for several months. This is most important and effective home remedy for warts.


Cashewnut Oil – Another Home Remedy for Warts

Cashewnut oil which is extracted from the shell of cashew should be applied over the affected area.


Potato and Onion for Warts

Raw potato and onion are beneficial and valuable home remedies in treating warts. They should be cut and rubbed on the affected area several times a day. This should be done for at least two weeks.


Use of Herbs as a Home Remedy for Warts Treatment

Indian Squill, Dandelion, Marigold are some of the herbs found beneficial in treating warts. A powder of the bulb of Indian Squill herb should be applied locally to the wart area. The milk from the cut end of the Dandelion herb can also be applied to the affected area of warts. The juice of the leaves of Marigold herb is found beneficial and should be applied to the wart area.


Other Home Remedies for Warts Removal

Some people cover the wart with an adhesive tape and hope it will disappear in few weeks.

Applying liquid of vitamin A every day for two weeks is found beneficial in treating warts. What needs to be done is that you buy Vitamin A capsules, prick them and apply the liquid on the wart.

Also juices of papaya and pineapple, and chalk powder mixed with water are found beneficial in the wart treatment.

Finally imagine warts disappearing themselves! It is found through research that warts may disappear if you spent several minutes daily, mentally visualizing that they are disappearing

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