Ear Ache Remedy

An ear ache can make life a living hell. The ear pains constantly. It becomes difficult to chew. And listening to people speak also becomes a strain. Ear aches may be caused by an infection in the ear or because of pressure in the middle ear. Colds, sinus problems, excess ear wax, and teeth problems are common causes of ear aches. So how do we get our ears back to their normal painless selves? What ear ache remedy would work wonders?

Ear Ache Remedy
Ear Ache

Ear Ache Remedy: Prevention

One horrible habit that many of us have is that of poking our ears with something or the other. Although it is okay to use cotton swabs to clean one's ears, desist from using one if you feel that something has gone into the ear. Too much poking, whether with swabs or fingers might damage the eardrum. And whatever it is that seems to have got in, might just get stuck.

Ear Ache Remedy: Hot and Cold Compresses

The age-old ear ache remedy is that of using a hot compress. So you could wet a small towel in hot water and hold it against your ear. This ear ache remedy will bring immediate relief to a painful ear. A hot shower is also helpful in softening the ear wax. The steam will provide relief to hurting ears. Similarly, you could also wrap a towel around a hot plate and hold it against your ear. Ultimately, these are all different methods of applying heat to the ear. Use the one that seems most convenient.

If the heat does not appeal to your painful ears, I know of people who have used a cold compress as well. Ultimately, this will only relieve the pain. So use whichever works better.

Ear Ache Remedy: Dealing With Insects

Ear Ache Remedy - Dealing With Insects
Dealing With Insects - Ear Ache Remedy

Some insects are very silly. Even though there is so much space to fly around, they insist on flying into the ear. Now, if the insect does not fly back out, fight your knee-jerk reaction to poke your fingers into your ear. Instead, use some ear drops or some warm mineral oil to flush the insect out. Use an eye dropper to drop the fluid into the ear. Make sure you consult a doctor if the insect still does not come out.

Ear Ache Remedy: Others

If your ear is extremely painful, sleep on a hot water bottle instead on your regular pillow. This ear ache remedy is yet another variation of the hot compress method.

You know how our ears get blocked as we gain in altitude. Flying with an ear ache, therefore, can be a pain (literally). So try chewing gum while flying, to balance the pressure in the ear, and avoid its getting blocked.

Avoid the wind if you have an ear ache. Use cotton buds to protect your ears from strong winds.

Garlic juice with its antibiotic properties is also believed to be a helpful ear ache remedy. I have also heard that a combination alcohol and vinegar is also effective against minor ear aches.


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